Economic Cycles

Fluctuations of the Economy

„Growth isn‘t everything, that‘s true. But without growth everything is nothing. Without growth there will be no jobs; without growth there will be no restructuring of the social security systems; without growth, declining prosperity; without growth, more and more people will fall by the wayside.“ Chancellor Angela Merkel.

For some, growth is a prerequisite for full employment and for the The ideal path to a happy affl uent society, while others are confronted with the consequences of the lifestyles and consumption styles associated with growth. warn. Critics refer to the notion of purely quantitative growth achieved by increasing consumption. Growth means more production, more turnover and more

profit, but also more consumption of raw materials and more pollution. A clear sign of this type of economic growth is the increase in gross domestic product, which in turn usually has a positive eff ect on employment, but unfortunately without regard for the social and natural environment.

The instructional fi lm is detailed and comprehensible on all aspects of the economy using the example of Germany. Together with the very extensive teaching material (classic and interactive worksheets and test items), the instructional film is very well suited for use in the classroom.

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